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Main categories: Tank top,T shirt,Polo shirt,sweatshirt and hoodies,Caps

Bulk Order Production Process of the garment

1. Pattern making and sample garment making: The pattern maker makes the paper pattern according to the confirmed design draft, and the tailor cuts the fabric and makes the sample garment. After the sample garment is made, try it on and adjust it to ensure that the version fits 

2.Fabric purchasing and inspection: Find suitable fabric suppliers and conduct quality inspection on the fabric, including color, texture, shrinkage, etc., to ensure that the fabric meets the production requirements.

3. Cutting and sewing:  the cutting workers cut out the fabric according to the paper pattern and mark it, and then the sewing workers sew it according to the mark to complete the main part of the garment. In this process, we need to pay attention to the details of thread and sewing quality to ensure the quality of clothing.

4.Finishing and inspection: After the sewing is completed,   the ironing workers will iron the garment to make it more smooth and beautiful. At the same time, the quality of clothing will be inspected to check whether there are defects, threads and other problems.